CNC machining

  • 5-axis milling and turning
  • High precision
  • Effective

Laser cutting

  • Sheet metal thickness 0.5–10 mm
  • Complex geometries
  • No tooling costs

Sheet metal fabrication

  • Bending and shaping
  • Machining and drilling
  • Finishing


  • Experienced engineers
  • Personal contacts
  • Made in Sweden

Some of our customers

  • UCS Industrial IT
  • Getinge
  • MAFI
  • Mycronic
  • Stora Enso
Items example

This is how it works

  1. Upload your file

    You start by uploading your 3D model, then our algorithm takes over and analyzes your model.
  2. Specify your requirements

    When you are satisfied with your specification of the detail, you can choose whether you want to put a specific name on the detail, which is then visible on your order confirmation.
  3. Checkout

    At checkout, your information is filled in automatically if you have an account with us and are logged in. Otherwise, fill in your information and you are all set.
  • Prototypes with short lead times

    When you are in need of prototypes with short lead times and have 3D models ready, InstaCNC is very well suited as a supplier. We produce your prototypes through CNC milling in modern machines that work with both aluminum and steel.

  • Specially made parts for automation

    When you design and build automation cells and a need for custom-made parts arises, you can easily upload your 3D model on InstaCNC and here get the direct price and delivery time for your detail.

  • Tool details and machine parts

    Are you in need of a new tool part or a complete tool for metalworking, such as sheet metal forming tools? At InstaCNC you can upload your 3D model and get a direct quote with delivery time to CNC mill a detail.

  • Manufactured in Sweden Sweden

    Your models are manufactured by our own experienced employees and will be delivered within 5 to 10 days. We have complete control from your first contact with us until your model is delivered.

  • Materials for all needs

    To be able to keep short delivery times, we have a selection of materials we work in: construction steel, machine steel, toughened steel, tool steel and aluminum with higher or lower strength. Of these, we always keep a selection for extra fast delivery.

  • Capacity and flexibility

    Depending on your choice of material, we generally offer two different delivery times, 5 or 10 days.

    Contact us if you have a special need such as other delivery time or choice of materials that fall outside the standard range.

  • For you who design

    To facilitate the design work of your details, we have collected points to think about for different types of elements and elements in the detail. In addition to practical limitations, the guide can also help you save money on manufacturing.

  • Your prototype workshop

    With our expertise and knowledge in production, you can safely let us produce your prototype so that you can focus on developing your idea. No more hassle with maintaining your own machines.

Manufacturing of tooling and custom parts

We manufacture components and tool parts in various materials and designs. Prototypes, machine parts, fixtures and tools with the highest accuracy and precision in steel or aluminum with fast delivery times. Upload your 3D model and configure to your needs and get real-time pricing. Order directly online and get delivery within 5 days.

We work with CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication. If you are unsure which is the best manufacturing solution for you, please contact us for help in how you can adapt and optimize your design to enable cost-effective manufacturing.